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     Opened in 2013, we are dedicated to be the best in auto detailing in Hanover. We specialize in paint correction and paint protection. We are the only paint correction specialists in the area. Now offering the best ceramic paint coating that will last for years. You will not find a coating that performs as well at the dealership or any other detailing business!


     If you are looking for the most experienced and trained detail staff, then you have found us.  Call us today and let us know how we can help you.   

We do our best to stay up to date with the newest and most advanced detailing tools and products. As a result, all vehicles that leave our facility are the cleanest and most protected they can be. We are York County's Leader in Professional Detailing! 

    Professional Detailing simply means we have a higher standard of quality throughout the entire process of cleaning your car plus the training necessary to handle any issues the elements may throw at your vehicle both inside and out. Nature always wins, but we know how to reverse the effects of nature and protect all of your vehicle's surfaces from the elements.




How to wash and dry your vehicle in one easy step

We have wash kits available 

We Know How to Keep your Vehicle Looking it's Best!

     Keeping your vehicle clean can be a daunting task. What products or equipment do I buy? When would I have the time? How do I clean it in the winter? Automatic car washes are harsh and can easily scratch your paint. Self serve washing is safer, but what has that brush touched before I used it? What about cleaning the interior? Where do I start? 

     Thankfully, there is a detailer in York County that has the solution to your dirty and contaminated car problem. We have made it our life's work  to clean your car, truck, van, suv, or motorcycle to the highest standard. Our desire is to not only clean your vehicle, but to preserve it from the wrath of the environment. 

     Detailing a vehicle, to us, is more than a simple, "wax on wax off", taught by  Mr. Miyagi. It is the enjoyment of the finished product. The sweat and busted knuckle are well worth the result. With 20 years of personal detailing experience and 5 plus years running a successful detailing business, choose Wax On Wax Off Professional Auto Detailing. 


     We are a full service Detailer. We offer: interior/exterior detailing, paint correction, engine bay cleaning, stain removal, ozone odor removal, ceramic paint coatings, paint protection film, Interior repair, clear coat restoration, and PDR (paintless dent removal)

    We also offer exterior washing, (no automatic wash which can cause horrible scratches on your painted surfaces as well as an unsatisfactory result). We wash by hand with the best, gentlest, and most effective microfiber wash mitts and drying towels available.  

 Service includes: wash exterior, clean wheels, wheel wells, and tires, bug/grime removal, & dry. 

      We are located at 577 Broadway in Hanover, but in the rear. It is a big, white concrete block building and the entrance is all the way toward the back of that building. Call or text to learn more. 


No Rinse Wash Kit
No Rinse Wash Kit