Optimum Gloss Coat Ceramic Paint Coating

Optimum Gloss Coat Ceramic Paint Coating Protects from the Following:







Optimum Gloss Coat service includes:


Prep Wash

Paint Decontamination
Paint Correction
Apply Optimum Gloss Coat


 *Paint Correction is the process in which scratches and contamination(dirt embedded in the paint), are diminished or removed from the clear coat.The result is a restored finish ready to be coated by a wax, sealant, or Gloss Coat. This information can be difficult to completely understand. Pleas feel free to call us so we can answer any questions you might have-we love answering detailing questions. 

*Paint decontamination is the process in which environmental fallout (iron deposits, etc.), is removed from the surface of the paint.  

We are York County's true professional detailer.

The performance of Optimum Gloss-Coat out performs any other wax or sealant or any paint protection offered by the New Car Dealer. It is designed to protect your vehicle's finish from the elements-adding a layer of ceramic clear coat, it forms a barrier of protection. Our coating is backed by a lifetime warranty as long as you own your vehicle. We are committed to being the best in paint correction and coatings. Choose us for all of your detailing needs. Call us today to find out about pricing or more information about coatings.