About Us

A Message from the Owner

     We are  committed to detailing your car as if we owned it. We strive to give you the best result possible. You will not find a more professional or qualified detailing company than us. That is our promise to you the customer. Many other detail shops do not have the equipment, knowledge, ability, or passion to professionally detail your car. 

     Our business started out of a love for making cars clean and protected. With each car detailed, I wanted to achieve a higher and higher standard for quality. We are not a volume shop, but we are specialists in our field-Paint correction, ceramic coatings, and PPF specialists. We aim to be #1 in these areas and we will not stop trying to reaching that goal...ever! 

     We are a small detailing company that focuses on each vehicle. Giving you value for service with a high standard for excellence. Our goal is to exceed expectations and we are up for the challenge. Thank you for visiting in our website and we hope you will entrust your vehicle to us for the most professional service you can receive in South Central Pa. We look forward to caring for your car as much as you do. Have a great day1


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